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  From humble beginings - Our stock Hictop CR-10S...   .... to our present configuration in the lab   Our very first print - CAD   Our very first print   Remote Control!   Time for some Raspberry Pi?   Pi Mount - Rev 1   Pi Mount - Rev 1 in action   A later design   An even later design (our latest)   Some new shoes for the printer   Rubber Feet   Anti Vib feet Installed   Camera mount CAD   Printing the Camera Mount - Blue PETG   Z Brace Collet CAD   Z Brace Pieces   Z Brace installed   Z Brace installed   V6 Mount + Adjustable Z stop   Y Stepper Brace   LED mount CAD   An early Fang with custom die cast hot end mount   Fan Duct CAD Model   Fan Duct Print (earlier Rev)   Some big threads   1st Layer laying down   Gen 3 Logos!   Gen 3 office accesories   Stylish Tool Holder   Think Technology logo CAD   Think Technology logo in Marble PLA   Flexible TPU Material   GT2-6 Timing Belt Tensioner   Tensioner on the Printer   Tensioner in use   Alien Pliers bronze PLA   Alien Pliers bronze PLA   Sometimes things go wrong...   D'oh!!!!!  

Updated = 08/21/2020

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